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Saucetown recently caught up with Wiley Roberts, a professional stand-up comedian who has been working in the entertainment business for decades. Wiley has appeared on MTV, Comedy Central, Politically Incorrect and in the film, The Hot Chick.

"Dear White Girl,

I’m a dark-sinned Latino who is often targeted by police officers, most likely because they think I’m African American. I’m torn on how to deal with this..."

Sean Simmans takes on one of our biggest competitors.

It’s the board game for everyone, on any side of the political spectrum in 2018 — Trumpopoly!

"I know it’s fashionable to be all anti-patriotic these days, with all the damn kids running around in their safe spaces, demanding to take away my guns, but listen here, people: I’ll have you know, they can take away my first two amendments. But, I’m not gonna budge when it comes to the third one."

Classic books for kids, updated for the current year.


Bulldozer The Pug
Mac Club McMinnville
Pizza Slut


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