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Children’s Books For The Modern Age

words by Ray McMillin, art by Sean Simmans

Classic books for kids, updated for the current year:


A young boy named "Outrage" claims to see fascists everywhere! They’re in the streets, on the television screen and even in the pizza sauce!!! Until, one day, after years of constant posting about fascists on social media, Outrage encounters a real fascist...the only problem is, that his friends and family won’t believe him!

This book teaches young children how to distinguish fascists from people who slightly disagree with their opinions.


The cherished story of a child who invests all of his savings into a tree that provides him with a cryptocurrency portfolio. As a boy, he continues to watch it grow and grow and grow...

As the child becomes an adult, his initial investment into the Bitcoin tree begins to dwindle and dwindle and dwindle...

The once plentiful tree sadly turns into a stump, on which the now old child sits, for the majority of his retirement age.


The coolest hipster in the State Capital building is proud of his hip, new tattoo. Although citizens are forced to pretend it’s cool, everyone knows it’s a temporary tattoo that will wash off as soon as some random lobbyist decides to buy him.

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