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"Dear Candi,

I’m a cross-country diesel trucker who often spends a long time on the open road. While I like to make sure I’m obeying all laws and safety precautions at any given time, my mind often wanders whie I’m in between major cities. Any tips on how to keep my mind from wandering to dark places?"

First of all, know that a long stretch of open highway means you can clear your mind. So, why not use your clear mind to clear out your inboxes? Take this time to get rid of all those old Facebook requests, ignored text messages, clutter in the glove compartment and empty Starbucks cups from the back seat. A clean phone and a clean car mean a clean mind!

Next, it’s time to take care of those eyebrows, honey. The rear-view mirror of most modern cars is at perfect level to address that nasty unibrow or pluck up those already-perfect eyebrows to be even better. If you don’t carry tweezers in your center console, like I do, go ahead and use your nails.

Oh, your nails aren’t on point? Girl, you have no idea how much prettier that left hand will look on your steering wheel after you give it a proper road manicure. And, forget about trashy, solid colors. There are several ideas for amazingly cute patterns and designs that you can find on the internet. For instance, on the way to church last week, I painted each of my nails to resemble a different disciple!

Okay, so, you’ve cleaned up and you’re looking good. Now, it’s time to feel good! There are several, simple stretching exercises that I love to do while waiting for the next red light to arrive. One stretch is a very easy yoga position that I call the curly pug. With your right hand, reach to your lower back on the left side. Then, with your left hand, rotate your body so that you’re reaching toward the back right passenger seat. Hold this position for at least ten seconds, then repeat. Remember to breathe in, then out, for ten seconds at a time. It doesn’t hurt to close your eyes.

What’s that, you say? You still have ten more minutes to arrive at your destination? Well, speaking of yoga, now is time to try on that brand new set of super soft Lululemon yoga pants. Do they fit? Are the seams running where they should? How does your butt look? Can you stretch out both legs at the same time? If you’re not happy with the answer to any of these questions, perhaps make a U-turn immediately and return to the store where you bought them. Otherwise, if the pants fit, then you have got to show them off...time to Snapchat your new you! Plus, if you’re driving at a reasonable speed, your followers will think you’re actually out there jogging!

If all else fails, just read a book. I mean, you could watch a movie, but the manual I got with my car’s DVD player said not to use it while driving. That’s why lots of books are based on movies, so you can watch them without having to be distracted by a screen!

Luv ‘n’ Hugs!

—@CandiBrandywine ♡

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