Saucetown News
Saucetown News


July / August 2019

Due to an error by Best Lil Print Shop In Dallas, hundreds gathered at the State Capitol last month with signs calling for Nug Control.

"Yeah, the message may seem backwards at first, but we thought about it and we’re pretty sure the weed industry needs some regulation as well, so here we are," an excited attendee reported.

While certain activists brought their own signage, they worked well between causes.

"The whole ’Ban Semi-Automatics’ message didn’t make sense at first, but when you think about vape pens, yeah dude, no one needs a full gram of pure THC to the dome," one protester told Saucetown. He continued, "Bowls take time to reload and responsible glass bong owners always make sure the chamber is empty. So, yeah, I’m fully in support of banning automatics."

Across the street from the protest, several counter-protesters waved "Don’t Tread On Me" flags, while chanting about their right to own dab rigs. Neither side realized that they would probably get along, if only they just sat down and smoked a joint together.

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